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M&M Enterprise Cooking, Vol. III

As my Italian-American college roommate taught me long ago, there’s something about letting any tomato-based dish cool overnight that does magic things to it the next day. Not a whole lot to say about today’s dish — all the basic … Continue reading

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M&M Enterprise Cooking, Vol. II

August 22. Una specie di parmigiana di melanzane.  I bought long local eggplants at the bazaar last week, sautéed them in Spanish EVOO with garlic, layered with them cafeteria provided mozzarella slices, threw in some gifted modest tomato sauce (Hunt’s … Continue reading

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M&M Enterprise Cooking, Vol. I

In the model of a less-evil Milo Minderbinder, I thought I’d show people what kind of food one can whip up with limited resources in a war zone.  Having a full range and stove helps, but the crucial ingredient is, … Continue reading

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Literary Lunches: Rebecca West

Today we’ll kick off what will hopefully be a literary lunch series, in which I’ll showcase a (usually) simple meal from a great book.  All I had time for today was a quick lunch — a couple of slices of prosciutto di … Continue reading

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Sorry, Charlie: Deep Parables of Consumer Capitalism

There’s no age quite as awkward as the semi-pubescent 11-14 age range which corresponds to what we now know as the middle school years. My own awkwardness at that age can probably best be encapsulated by a rundown of my lunchtime eating … Continue reading

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48 Hours of Eating in the Fragrant Harbor

All prices in USD, not HKD.  We went to Hong Kong for a variety of reasons but near the top of the list was to eat. What we learned quickly is that food in Hong Kong is really expensive. But it’s … Continue reading

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