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So you want to write a book?

Tim Parks stands out from most expatriate writers on Italy by choosing to write about the daily realities of a life lived among regular people. Lesser writers are enchanted into irrelevance by the cultural, gastronomic and sartorial consumption opportunities afforded … Continue reading

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Berlusconi and Fini explained – in less than 5 minutes

From the geniuses at Beautiful Lab, this video should explain all the Berlusconi-Fini tensions from the past 18 years in five minutes.  Right?  Hattip to Owni.eu.

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If it had been in Italy…

A student passed me this joke on the Chilean mine disaster, which also plays on a lot of other recent Italian news (Sarah Scazzi, Giancarlo Tulliani‘s house, the Naples trash crisis, the electoral crisis).  Mainly it’s funny, if you get … Continue reading

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