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M&M Enterprise Cooking, Vol. II

August 22. Una specie di parmigiana di melanzane.  I bought long local eggplants at the bazaar last week, sautéed them in Spanish EVOO with garlic, layered with them cafeteria provided mozzarella slices, threw in some gifted modest tomato sauce (Hunt’s … Continue reading

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M&M Enterprise Cooking, Vol. I

In the model of a less-evil Milo Minderbinder, I thought I’d show people what kind of food one can whip up with limited resources in a war zone.  Having a full range and stove helps, but the crucial ingredient is, … Continue reading

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O King

Even though it’s not January, I’m going to keep reposting this (with minor updates). Handsome Boy Modeling Club tells us “the world’s gone mad, we’ve lost the love we had” and I eagerly wait to hear Del and company proved … Continue reading

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A Quote from Primo Levi’s “The Truce”

From the Afterword, “The Author’s Answers to His Readers’ Questions,” If This is a Man/The Truce, Abacus 1979, trans. Ruth Feldman. It is, therefore, necessary to be suspicious of those who seek to convince us with means other than reason, and of … Continue reading

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An excerpt from Octavio Paz’s “Mexico and the United States”

‘Today, the United States faces very powerful enemies, but the mortal danger comes from within: not from Moscow but from that mixture of arrogance and opportunism, blindness and short-term Machiavellianism, volubility and stubbornness which has characterized its foreign policies during … Continue reading

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Le elezioni

One of the many small pleasures in Italian daily life is picking up a thick edition of one of the dailies and reading through it over a strong morning coffee (or two, if one still has jet lag). Yes, such … Continue reading

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Evergreen – On Another Dimension in Indiana

Several years ago, I wrote about an Evergreen show at the 1995 St. Francis Battle of the Bands at the Grand Theater in New Albany in which drummer Britt Walford (Slint, many others) was lifted off the throne, practically still playing. … Continue reading

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Happy (belated) birthday, Hunter Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson, who was from Louisville, would have turned 79 this week. With the Republican National Convention in full swing and on the cusp of a truly ludicrous election, we need him now more than ever. The Paris Review’s … Continue reading

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Lament Fragment

Go down (Forsaking the lagoons of bridged Atlantis)To the mid-Atlantic ridgewhere are the crazedMagnetic fields and roped sheets, and stains(The disordered fabric of the volcanicBed chamber) and the gigantic vermicularTestimoniesand stare upon the greatPrinciple of the solid world—the originalTorment trace.Go … Continue reading

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La grande bellezza

Finisce sempre così. Con la morte. Prima, però, c’è stata la vita, nascosta sotto il bla bla bla bla bla. È tutto sedimentato sotto il chiacchiericcio e il rumore. Il silenzio e il sentimento. L’emozione e la paura. Gli sparuti … Continue reading

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