Bossi Youth has an interesting series of videos up on the youngest members of the Lega Nord. I saw in the Corriere, mainly because I’d never imagine that MTV in the US would be capable of anything less than totally vapid. Have a look; although the one I watched (Filippo) is filmed in Novara province, the terrain reminded me a lot of the Polesine.

One thought on “Bossi Youth”

  1. Do they not understand that they’ve got ministers in the ruling alliance? The Lega has failed them. Their leaders are down in Rome and enjoying the jet set of international conferences and couldn’t care less about them.

    I love the comment about unfair competition from China – that’s exactly what used to be said about Italy. Chinese shops sell Chinese goods, unlike Italian shops that sell the same Chinese goods only with a higher mark-up!

    And the stuff about our forefathers paying their taxes! Oh yeah! That’s why the deficit has always been so high.

    So long as these people continue to believe in the Lega and put the blame on immigrants they will always be unemployed – unless they can get into the Lega hierarchy and get themselves a nice job in government and a little flat in Rome.

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