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Serbia, the EU and Muslims in the Balkans

The Dutch held out but Europe, as usual, wants to have its way so after a threat to ram Serbia’s EU ‘assessment’ through by majority vote, the Dutch folded. ¬†However, there is a provision that every step of Serbia’s accession … Continue reading

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Bloomberg has a couple of excellent pieces out this week on what’s going on with the French and German economies. The story of how Germany lately managed to rally its growth and drive down its unemployment rate is of particular … Continue reading

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European Stereotypes Maps

European stereotypes have been entrenched since at least the time of the first Grand Tour. But as organizational tools, maps have the power to change the way one perceives the world. ¬†Personally, I’ve found alternate maps fascinated by maps ever … Continue reading

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The Death Penalty in Virginia and Iran

Discussing study opportunities in the US with my wife’s cousin’s 15 year old, he suddenly interrupted his excited line of questioning about the Hard Rock Cafe and eggs for breakfast to ask something more serious: “Is it true that they … Continue reading

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