Camorra boss Iovine arrested

Right on the heels of Saviano’s public row with Maroni comes the arrest of one of the Camorra’s (many) top men who’s been on the lam for 14 years: Antonio Iovine. Maroni jibed back at Saviano through the press, “this is the real antimafia, nothing else bothers me.” And here’s Saviano:

“I’ve waited for this day for fourteen years. The arrest of Antonio Iovine, is a key step in the fight against organized crime. Iovine is a businessman, who handles hundreds of millions of euros. Now, I hope we can do more to clean house. As shown by the DIA report today, we must attack the heart of the criminal economy, Lombardy, where the gangs do business and affect economic, social and political interests.”

Full story at Corriere. Video here.

Amid the applause of the police, at 0.22 you can hear “acciritelo!” — “kill him!”

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