Not a lot makes me miss DC.  But these Fugazi videos did, even though they’re not shot in the District. Even those who might find the band overly serious or self-righteous still should appreciate the incredible energy of the band and of Guy Picciotto in particular.  He calmed down from putting himself through basketball hoops as the band matured, but check out his footwork and clapping on this decade-old video of “Margin Walker” and “Waiting Room.” (You understand Picciotto’s original role as a ‘toaster’ in the second.  No less thrilling.)

For proof that that energy could be felt by the audience — even an aging one — check out the white-shirted fan, delirious with the power of rock and roll, in this video from my hometown.  I wish I could say I knew him. I’m at least glad the YouTube universe, often so catty, was as thrilled by him as I was.

Buona domenica!

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