To conclude all this southeastern Europe-focused posting on a positive note, I strongly urge all fans of energetic guitar-based music to check out Belgrade’s excellent Stuttgart Online and to buy their infectious album Radost Svakom Domaćinstvu. They definitely capture the dada-street art sound of late seventies Belgrade as immortalized on the anthology Paket Aranzman — particularly the bottom end-heavy sound of Sarlo Akrobat.

There’s not much in English, but here’s a note from Exit Festival 2010, Novi Sad’s annual music festival.   But who needs English?  It’s music.  Take a listen to “Superheroj” right here on YouTube.

Fans of energetic guitar-based music take note: this band has no guitarist.

Thanks to Igor for the recommendation.

Blog will return to south-central European-focused affairs momentarily.

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