Friday PM Briefs

Four people you should think about over the weekend and the situations they find themselves in.

Raymond Davis.  Soldier.  Pakistan. Not a normal country.  Not considered as such by the US government.  To paraphrase Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann, I am fully confident that had Raymond Davis hesitated at the moment of truth, he would have become dead contractor, and we would know less about him than we do now.  What precisely Xe is doing in Pakistan should come under scrutiny, as should much more about our relationship with ISI and the Taliban, but Davis’ imprisonment, show trial, and/or harm serves no one but Pakistani nationalists.  What if Raymond Davis had been kidnapped by the Taliban in Kabul after a firefight?

Mario Draghi.  He’s sane and sober, and rises above politicking in a “Richelieu-like” way.  Don’t let the profligacy of his nation bother you, France – and try to stay above politicking yourself, Germany.  He is a fine figure for next governor of the ECB, if you examine his record and his anti-inflationary aims.  If the culture worries you, remember that Italians have some of the developed world’s highest savings rates.

Overheard somewhere in Italy:

Gheddafi.  È un coglione.


È il coglione più grande di tutti.


One can imagine this dialogue underwriting the decisions of Defense Minister La Russa, who recently made ominous statements about a refugee tide of ‘biblical proportions’ and Interior Minister Maroni, who just  requested help from the EU for impending mass immigration (and who was stymied by Eurocratic requests for more precise numbers).  Meawhile, ENI rethinks deals with a Gazprom spinoff,  their share price goes up 1.45%, and ENI boss Scaroni makes the following pronouncement on the price of oil.

If the international political situation would calm down, then the price of oil would drop below 100 USD per barrel.”  The story goes on to say that ENI’s business plan (which part?) is based on a prediction of 70 USD per barrel.

Interesting times.

Finally.  PJ Harvey.  Listen to her new album, even if you have never listened to her or liked her before.  Let Damir Marusic at the American Interest convince you.

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One Response to Friday PM Briefs

  1. Alex says:

    I’d appoint Mario Draghi as Italy’s finance minister tomorrow!

    I think he’d make a pretty good premier too and would have a positive effect on how Italy is viewed around the world.

    As you may have noted, Draghi’s soberness is not appreciated by Mr B.



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